Die Hard is finally getting its own line of Funko Pop! figures, 30 years after the iconic action movie hit theaters. The popular vinyl toy company has announced that the figures will be out in late October, which means that they'll be here in time for some stocking stuffers this year. The awesome looking set includes a bloody John McClane, the villainous Hans Gruber, Sergeant Al Powell with an armful of Twinkies, and Tony Vreski, who is dressed up for the holidays. As usual, they all look simple and just as awesome as you expect.

The John McClane Pop! figure is barefoot and bloodied, looking like he's definitely been through the ringer. The figure has a walkie talkie in one hand and a pistol in the other. Sergeant Al Powell has a little mustache and is clutching his favorite junk food. Hans Gruber gets two figures this time around, one of which is a GameStop exclusive. The first figure will be available everywhere and it comes with a walkie talkie and a pistol, just like the McClane figure. The exclusive Gruber is dressed as the dapper terrorist before he takes over the Nakatomi corporation. Funko had this to say about the upcoming set.

"You can finally watch your favorite Christmas movie with the toughest NYPD detective ever to foil an elaborate German terrorist plot. The John McClane Pop! looks somewhat the worse for wear with blood on his hand and shirt, but that won't stop him from stopping mastermind Hans Gruber whose Pop! is in surprising good condition considering everything that goes down that fateful Christmas Eve. Tony Vreski looks downright festive wearing a Santa hat and more than a little blood. Sergeant Al Powell has his priorities well in order with a handful of Twinkies."

Funko went the extra mile for their Die Hard set with the inclusion of the Tony Vreski Pop! figure. Vreski is the first terrorist that John McClane takes down in the film, and also the younger brother of Karl, who doesn't take the news very well. McClane sends him down the elevator after breaking his neck with a Santa hat and a bloody message alerting Hans Gruber and crew that he has a machine gun. It's a fan-favorite scene, so it's pretty neat, and a little weird at the same time, that Funko would make a dead Tony Vreski figure.

In other Die Hard-related news, Bruce Willis recently opened up the whole Christmas movie debate again, announcing during his Comedy Central Roast that Die Hard is not a Christmas movie. Writer Steven E. de Souza recently revealed that Die Hard is a Christmas movie, so Willis may have just been trolling fans, or sharing his own personal opinion on the matter. Whatever the case may be, Funko is taking the Christmas route while promoting their latest set of awesome figures.

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Die Hard hit theaters on July 15th, 1988 and was a modest success at the box office, debuting at number three. The reviews were mixed at the time, but it has since become a classic action movie, and is considered to be one of the best films of the 1980s. The movie spawned countless imitators and sequels, but none of them have come close to touching the greatness of the original Die Hard movie. You can check out the new Die Hard Pop! collection below, thanks to Funko.

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