Die Hard is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year and to help honor the momentous occasion, 20th Century Fox has commissioned a gorgeous new poster for the action classic. The Bruce Willis movie to best all Bruce Willis movies still reigns supreme all these years later and there is a good reason (make that many good reasons), people will still buy a new poster to take up some real estate on their wall. And if you're in the market for just such a thing, you could do a whole lot worse than this stunning new one sheet.

The poster comes to us from the folks at Dark Ink and it was officially licensed by 20th Century Fox. So this isn't just some cool fan art someone threw up on their Instagram page. Not to say there isn't value in that as well, but there's something cool in knowing this has an official seal of approval. The poster, which was done by artist Florey, takes a colorful and jaw-dropping look at one of the most famous scenes in Die Hard when John McClane has to jump from the top of Nakatomi Plaza using nothing but a fire hose to save him from certain death as a helicopter explodes just above him.

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It's incredibly detailed, beautifully colored and in a single image, captures everything that people love about this movie. The original Die Hard still works so well because John McClane wasn't some super cop. He was just a guy who found himself in a terrible situation and, by circumstance, he was the only one able to do anything about it. This moment totally encapsulates that. It's also interesting to think how different this is when compared to the original theatrical poster, which just featured Bruce Willis in his now infamous white tank top, gun in hand, hair still on his head, standing with Nakatomi Plaza in the background. Far less thrilling.

Like it or not, three decades later and the franchise is still going. To date, the five movies combined have made $1.4 billion at the box office, with the most recent entry being the much-maligned A Good Day to Die Hard, which brought in Jai Courtney as McClane's son. There was probably a manner in which to do a McClane father and son shoot-em-up the right way. That just wasn't it.

Currently, the studio is still working on a Die Hard prequel/sequel, that will see John McClane in his years as a New York City beat cop, as well as in the present. The project was originally going under the title of Die Hard Year One, but we recently learned it has been changed simply to McClane. While we wait for that to materialize into something that hopefully doesn't suck, be sure to check out the new Die Hard 30th anniversary poster for this Christmas movie action classic. And for those who want to scoop one up and have an extra $50 lying around, head on over to Dark Ink.

Die Hard 30th Anniversary Poster