Justin Long made Bruce Willis panic on the set of 2007's Live Free or Die Hard. The movie is the fourth installment in the Die Hard franchise, so it was pretty familiar to Willis by this point in the game. The original Die Hard hit theaters 20 years beforehand and changed the action movie (and Christmas movie genre) forever. Willis' John McClane is a true badass and action icon thanks to the franchise, but Long reveals what exactly makes Willis lose his cool.

In a recent interview, Justin Long was asked what it was like working on the set of Live Free or Die Hard with Bruce Willis. He spilled the beans and a bit more. The veteran actor was mentally preparing Long for a car stunt and said, "You're going to want to have some Dramamine because it's going to be a bumpy ride," which got Long thinking of a prank he could play. Apparently the stunt was pretty crazy, but it still didn't rattle Long's cage.

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Justin Long explained that usually in the case of high speed car stunts, the filmmakers can make a slow moving car look like it going 100mph, but they couldn't do that this time around. After listening to Bruce Willis' advice, he asked the crew for a cup of oatmeal, which he hid from the John McClane actor. "We finished the take and the camera guys kept rolling because they knew I was going to do a bit," explained Long "and Bruce goes 'How you feeling kid, huh? I told you you should've taken that-'" referring to the Dramamine. At this point, Long took the oatmeal and pretended to vomit down his shirt in front of Willis, while still sitting in the car.

"I've never see John McClane panic, because he doesn't panic in the Die Hard movies, but he f*cking panicked," says Justin Long. Many are probably wondering why Brice Willis was panicking, which is a good question. As it turns out, they were strapped into the car and could not get out. Long says Willis was "really freaking out" and started rolling down the windows yelling, "We got to get out, we got to get out!" Long did not go into further details, but it sure sounds like something that should be on YouTube.

Bruce Willis was all set to return in the upcoming McClane, but the movie had a pretty rocky start and went through a handful of rewrites with and without Willis' input. At the moment, the movie has been put on the backburner and will not be happening any time soon, which is a bummer for fans of the franchise who were looking forward to seeing the actor portray John McClane one last time. While we wait for some more details about McClane, you can watch the interview with Justin Long over at People.