A new video has brought together further evidence suggesting Die Hard is truly a Christmas movie. The debate as to whether or not the classic belongs in the holiday section has gone on for over three decades now, and for some, it's a no-brainer. There's plenty of Christmas imagery, it's mentioned quite a bit, it takes place on Christmas Eve, and the co-writer of the project has said that it is definitely a holiday movie. There shouldn't really be any further arguments after that, but there still is. Thankfully, there's a new video that helps to set the record straight.

The video editing team Cassetteboy have made a creative video that mashes up "The Twelve Days of Christmas" with Die Hard, and the results are fantastic. First of all, every number mentioned in the song is uttered in the movie, which is then backed up by all of the times that they say the word "Christmas" during the breaks from the action. If that wasn't enough, the video is then edited to have the explosions and gunshots carry the melody of the rest of the holiday classic song.

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Late last year, co-writer Steven E. de Souza revealed that the Die Hard truly belongs with the rest of the holiday classics. When asked on social media if the action movie was actually a Christmas movie, he responded by saying yes, and then provided a Christmas movie checklist, which compared Die Hard to White Christmas, which is considered to be a holiday classic, even though the action movie starring Bruce Willis has much more imagery and takes place on Christmas Eve. There really shouldn't be any room for argument after that.

Over the summer, Bruce Willis was the subject of a Comedy Central Roast, where the actor was torn to pieces by friends, loved ones, and comedians. The actor took the abuse all in good humor and later gave it back to each and every person who had laid into him. But before he left the stage, he shouted, "Die Hard is not a Christmas movie!" This reopened the debate once more, but many believe that Willis was just trolling fans who believe the opposite to be true. Plus, this was on Comedy Central during a roast.

So, there we have it. Further evidence that Die Hard is indeed a Christmas movie. There's really nothing else that needs to be said about the matter after the new video mashup, which provides plenty of evidence, and co-writer Steven E. de Souza's words should put the argument to rest. However, the debate will more than likely keep on going for the years to come for those who are in denial. If you know any of these people, make sure to show them the latest video from Cassetteboy, which you can watch below, thanks to the Sky Cinema YouTube channel.