For years now, the debate has raged on whether or not Die Hard is a bonafide Christmas movie. This year, more than yuletides past, many have come out of the woodwork to constantly prove that Bruce Willis' ultimate action classic should be celebrated as a worthy holiday entry throughout the month of December. So far, the writer has confirmed it is a Christmas movie, though Bruce Willis, possibly trolling fans to get them to tune into his Comedy Central Roast, claimed it was not. Now, 20th Century Fox, the studio responsible for given the world the ultimate Christmas gift that is Die Hard, have chimed in with their final ruling. And it comes in the form of a new official Die Hard trailer.

So what is their verdict? Fox doesn't just consider Die Hard a 'Christmas movie', they claim it is the 'Greatest Christmas Story Ever Told'. And the proof is in the video pudding. The studio offers up this new synopsis for the festive masterpiece that just won't die.

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Facing Christmas 3,000 miles from his estranged wife and two children, New York policeman John McClane (Bruce Willis) flies to Los Angeles bearing presents and hoping to patch up his marriage. Stylish and cool Hans Gruber (Alan Rickman) is in Los Angeles as well for the holiday season, but he's not there to give out presents. He's there to take: more than $600 million in negotiable bearer bonds from the multinational Nakatomi Corporation, where McClane's wife Holly (Bonnie Bedelia) is an executive. When the takeover becomes hostile, it's up to John McClane to take on the terrorists with all the grit and determination he can muster--but not without a sense of humor.

We never hear debate about whether or not Die Hard 2: Die Harder, which was released two years later, is a true Christmas movie. But if Die Hard is, then so is this. Seriously, how could the same thing happen to the same guy on Christmas twice? We don't get a rebuffed official trailer for Die Hard 2, but Fox is releasing the original movie in an all-new Christmas Edition on DVD and Blu-ray, which includes four exclusive holiday cards to help celebrate the action thriller's 30th Anniversary.

Not only that, but this version comes in some festive Ugly Christmas Sweater packaging, with the Nakatomi building set against a green and red backdrop that also spells out Ho, Ho, Ho and Yippee Ki Yay! This definitely makes for a great stocking stuffer, though most fans already know and worship Die Hard as a true Christmas movie, and probably already own a copy. But not quite like this. All five Die Hard movies are also available in newly released 4K Digital editions. Fox also released this sweet Christmas poem in celebration of Die Hard playing on Christmas Eve for action fans thirty years in a row.

'Twas the night before Christmas, at Nakatomi Plaza, The office party was festive, but soon interrupted by drama. Hans Gruber and his men, had forced their way in, And taken everyone hostage, trapping them within. But how could they know, there was a cop up above, John McClane had arrived, to win back his wife's love. He would take them all out, winning everyone's praise, Welcoming Christmas Day, with his favorite catchphrase. YIPPEE KI YAY!

Bruce Willis is John McClane in the film that launched the billion-dollar action franchise, Die Hard.  McClane, a New York City cop, flies to L.A. on Christmas Eve to visit his wife at a party in her company's lavish high-rise. Plans change once a group of terrorists, led by Hans Gruber (Alan Rickman), seize the building and take everyone hostage, McClane slips away and becomes the only chance anyone has in this beginning-to-end heart-stopping action thriller. Check out the official holiday trailer for Die Hard. Then pick up the Die Hard Christmas Edition Blu-ray for you and your loved ones today! Only from 20th Century Fox, soon to be Disney.