Diesel Donning Tights: "After X-men hit at the box office the studios starting buying up ever comic property they could get their hands on." If you take this quote from Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back and replace "X-men" with "Spiderman" then Kevin Smith's words begin to look a little prophetic.

Last weekend Spiderman shattered all previous records for a film's opening grosses and is poised to hit the $200 million mark by this Sunday. In that particular behemoths wake every major movie studio is fighting for a piece of the superhero gravy train.

The latest of the "super" projects rumored to be in the making will apparently star Mr. Vin Diesel and reunite him with the director and producer of last years wildly popular The Fast and The Furious.

It seems that fast cars just weren't good enough this go around. Diesel will be donning the tights of the fastest man on this, or any other planet. That's right folks get ready for The Flash. Maybe its just me but I just don't buy Diesel as the flash.

X-Men 2: Just a little not on this one. Apparently the two screenwriters have headed to beautiful Canada to tighten up the script before the summer scheduled shoot. Along the way they dropped a hint that Magneto somehow escapes the plastic house they built for him and teams up with the good guys. Why would he do that? well if rumors hold true then they will be fighting the infamous William Stryker, a "a televangelist and former soldier, launches a violent crusade against mutantkind"

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Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets: Several sources have reported that Director Chris Columbus has made some comments regarding the sequel. Reportedly he is excited about telling a darker story, introducing several new characters, and enhancing the already amazing quiddich matches!

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Die Another Day: Just a heads up to all you Bond fans out there who may have decided to sit out going to see Attack of The Clones. You may have reason to rethink that. Apparently, for the last week motion picture rating boards around the world have been receiving copies of a teaser trailer to rate. Guess where its being rumored to premier? That's right folks it is apparently being attached to prints of ATOC. Just one more reason for me to be in my seat early for that 12:01 showing next Thursday!

MIB II: Today over at the official site they have revealed yet another new creature from the film, Big Head. Given his residency limits this may explain some of the behavior from my Lights out brethren over in the LA office. CLICK HERE

From the front of the Star Wars line...~Bobby