Movie Picture

Day 2: (Philips 23" LCD TV & Philips DVDR615)

- By Justin Case

So... I decided that 2 TVs in one room was entirely too much. As a result, the (23PF9945) 23" LCD TV from Philips grabbed center-stage in my hibernation chamber today. Let's face it... when you work as hard as we do at MovieWeb -- you have to fit DVD viewing and electronics assessment into your busy schedule whenever you can (and usually, that's right before you drift off to sleep).

As I check this set out even more closely, I realize that my early assessment of the screen are dead-on. It is a great set, very attractive -- will easily fit into almost any room. However, it is more ideally suited to smaller bedroom spaces (than mine) and/or maybe a home-office (thus allowing you to take the home-office equipment deduction on it, too, should your accountant allow it) or, perhaps a dorm-room or, even, above the fireplace in a family room that doesn't serve as your primary television viewing room.

The image is crisp, the color true. Many of the potential users of the LCD will find that "stretching" their 4:3 television broadcasts to widescreen mode will be a bit annoying, but "cramping" the picture into what will amount to a 20" viewing window (in 4:3 mode) make it too small.

I will say that, compared to my 27" 4:3 ratio RCA Tru-Flat, this LCD is MUCH grainy picture, whatsoever. In Full Screen mode, the standard 4:3 TV broadcast is quite usable and, in my opinion, preferred.

I tossed in the Ashley Judd, Samuel L. Jackson thriller, Twisted, tripped the LCD over into HD mode (to fully exercise the progressive scan output from the DVDR615 DVD Recorder) and let the system rip. Crystal-clear images, zero pixelation and a fantastic viewing experience for decent film (more on that in my review of the disc).

All-in-all, Day 2 with the digital combo from Philips proved to be quite acceptable. The unit, although somewhat diminutive in size, proved a fantastic replacement for the non-HD 27" 4:3 TV that had previously headlined the south-wall between the door to the master walk-in and the master bath.

Stay tuned.