Day 3: (Philips 23" LCD TV & Philips DVDR615)

- By Justin Case

Ok, so my kids are easily impressed. But they do think this LCD set is way cool. Other visitors to my not-so-digital domain did take a pass through the master suite and commented on the piece.

Yeah, it's a little like a work of art. I think the only thing better would be if it were bigger than 40" and hanging centered on the wall like a work of stunning oil on canvas. Yeah, that would be enough motivation for me to bring all my theater gear to the sleep-zone to permanently retrofit the home theater into the master bedroom. Yeah, BABY, YEAH!.

Anyway, I do think that once you go LCD, you can never really go back. Ever since the panels began to adorn my desktop, I've never seen fit, regardless of the size / cost trade-off to get a monster CRT back in play.

No, flatter is better and bigger is better, but flat AND big has got to be the kill-shot... at least in my guestimation. Let's face it... 23" is a bit like getting out of a cold swimming pool. Everything just seems a little shriveled.

If you gotta be a bit on the petite side, though, you gotta be a LCD. The picture on this thing is great and the audio (even without the assist of any other processing gear) is outstanding. I've had other Philips HD and other LCD product to look at in the past. All-in-all, Philips does deliver great sound -- even in a small package.

Coming Soon...

I'm going to be testing out the limits of the DVDR 615 and its ability to be used as a mini-dv to DVD transfer in the very near future... Maybe that will be next weekend's big thing?

At any rate, stay tuned!