Premium full-price rentals are dominating FandangoNOW's top ten movie chart. Since movie theaters all over North America have had to close their doors, studios have had to get creative with their releases. Out of the top ten, premium $19.99 rentals take up eight of the slots, which is pretty remarkable. A poll released late last week indicated the consumers are only willing to pay between $6 and $8 for a new movie rental. Fandango's top 10 is based on calculating numbers of purchases multiplied by the cost.

The number one spot goes to Blumhouse's The Invisible Man, which costs $19.99 to rent. In addition to FandangoNOW, the movie has been at the top of several other charts, including iTunes, Amazon Prime, and Spectrum. The horror thriller had a good run in theaters before our current state of world affairs put a halt to the entertainment industry. Onward and Bloodshot took up the second and third spots, respectively. Sony really did not have a choice when it came time to release the long-awaited Vin Diesel project and it appears that releasing it on-demand was a smart move.

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Birds of Prey is doing well on the FandangoNOW chart even though it wasn't a box office hit. It's currently at number four. Two older titles, Jumanji: The Next Level and 1917 take up the fifth and sixth spots and only cost $4.99 to rent at this time. I Still Believe, The Way Back, Dolittle, and The Hunt make up for the rest of the top ten and all cost $19.99 to rent. With everybody spending time indoors and practicing social distancing, there's not a whole lot of entertainment options left for new releases.

It's unclear when movie theaters will open again, but it looks like it's going to be a while. Other studios who have been postponing their titles, may want to get into releasing them at a premium rate online instead. Disney has Mulan and Black Widow in the vault, but it seems they are waiting to put both projects out in theaters at some point down the line. Universal was one of the first studios to completely embrace the home release model. They're taking Trolls World Tour and skipping the theater release altogether in an effort to keep the momentum and keep people entertained at home.

$19.99 is not a bad price for a family rental, or even if it's two people, considering the price of going to a theater these days. However, one does not get the theater-going experience, which is arguably the best part. Big screens and massive sounds, along with some junk food, will bring people in every time. As for more studios following suit, it looks like now would be a good time to do so. Sonic the Hedgehog and Bad Boys for Life are out next week. This information comes to us from FandangoNOW.

  • 1. The Invisible Man (Universal) - $19.99
  • 2. Onward (Disney) - $19.99
  • 3. Bloodshot (Sony) - $19.99
  • 4. Birds of Prey (Warner Bros.) - $19.99
  • 5. Jumanji: The Next Level (Sony) - $4.99
  • 6. 1971 (Universal) - $5.99
  • 7. I Still Believe (Lionsgate) - $19.99
  • 8. The Way Back (Warner Bros.) - $19.99
  • 9. Dolittle (Universal) - $19.99
  • 10. The Hunt (Universal) - $19.99