The Weinstein Co. and Genius Products are going to the Extreme!

In a story from Home Media Magazine, their new Dimension Extreme label has tapped September to bring out the first of its three releases.

Dirty Sanchez and DOA: Dead or Alive will hit DVD stores on September 11.

Dirty Sanchez


Director Jim Hickey follows a group of four daredevils who are challenged by the devil to discover and endure the seven deadly sins. A raunchy world tour of depravity and hilarity, Dirty Sanchez: The Movie combines the extreme stunts of Johnny Knoxville and company with a narrative structure by telling the tale of a stunt gone horribly awry. When an attempt to crash a car through a caravan results in the death of Dainton, Joycey, Pancho, and Pritchard, the fearless foursome are sent straight into deepest depths of hell. It seems that Satan wants to check their credentials before they are allowed to carry on with their reckless lifestyles, and now in order to return to their familiar plane of reality they must embark on a global tour of sin and debauchery. From confronting "anger" in Moscow to greeting "gluttony" in San Miguel and challenging "lust" in Bangkok, the boys all set out to greet and conquer the very sins that have mankind has struggled against since the beginning of time. If they win, their prize is immortality and global domination; if they lose, they must bend to the will of Satan himself.

DOA: Dead or Alive


A feature adaptation of Tecmo's bestselling game franchise DOA: Dead or Alive. The movie centers on four female fighters in a competition to the death on an exotic island

Also, Broken will come to DVD shelves on September 25.



A killer puts a bunch of females through a bunch of sadistic games.