According to Variety, In a deal both groundbreaking and curious, vidgame scribes/producers Flint Dille and John Zuur have signed a two-year first-look deal with Dimension Films.

The low six-figure deal is the first of its kind, calling for Dille and Zuur to bring vidgame concepts and existing game properties to the studio that might be adapted into films through their Bureau of Film and Game shingle.

The arrangement is modeled on the duo's experience with Backwater, which they originally pitched to Dimension as a game. They're now co-executive producers on the Dimension pic.

They expect to bring original game pitches to Dimension that could be packaged as both movies and games, as well as original film ideas. They'll also identify existing games that the studio might license for movies.

Given Dimension's uncertain future, it's unclear how the deal will play out once the Weinsteins split from Disney.

Assuming Bob and Harvey Weinstein keep the Dimension name, the writers expect they'll stay with the new company post-Mouse House.

Dille and Zuur wrote the script for The Chronicles of Riddick vidgame, which won kudos for "best game based on a movie" at Spike TV's gaming awards. CAA-repped duo also penned the recently released Constantine game and are working on a game based on Sin City, the comic book adapted into the upcoming Dimension pic.