Scientists in Portugal recently caught an incredibly frightening frill shark whose lineage dates all the way back to prehistoric times. Some even call the shark a "living fossil" because there are fossils on record of the shark and it is virtually unchanged. Its prehistoric pals, like Tyrannosaurus Rex and Triceratops, died out long ago, but the frilled shark is still swimming around deep below the surface of the world's oceans, more than likely terrifying its prey with its looks before even getting to use its hundreds of needle sharp teeth. The rare shark was found when European scientists were trawling the depths of the Atlantic Ocean and ended up catching one of the most-creepy things in history.

The rare find gave scientists a close-up look at the shark's roughly 300, three-pointed teeth, which it uses to grab and kill prey, including fish, squid and other sharks. The way that the horrifying teeth are arranged in the mouth gave the frill shark its name because of the frill-like patterns. As previously mentioned, the roughly 5-foot-long shark has barely changed in the past 80 million years, earning the "living fossil" title. The fishermen reported catching the nightmare creature 2,300 feet under water, which is about half as deep as it can swim, as the species is known to range from about 65 feet to 4,900 feet underwater and normally found in the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, usually near outer continental shelves and the bases of islands.

The frill shark resembles an eel and may have been the source for sailors' tales of sea serpents, which make perfect sense when one thinks about it. A Japanese study showed that the shark's diet is over 60 percent cephalopods, namely squid and octopus. The shark was first discovered in the 19th century despite how long that it has been around terrorizing the depths of the ocean. It is rarely caught because of the depth at which it normally swims, and not much footage of the shark in its natural habitat exists, adding to the mystery and legend of the snake-like demon shark.

There is still a lot about the ocean that we do not know about, which begs the question of why we don't spend more money looking through our oceans as opposed to outer space. Earlier this year, Australian researchers found an equally frightening discovery when they stumbled upon the elusive faceless fish. The faceless fish was found after not being seen by humans for over a century and has brought more questions about the ocean than answers.

As if you needed another reason to never step foot in the ocean ever again, here comes the frill shark to haunt your dreams. The ancient snake headed shark is truly something to fear, although humans never see them very much. Just knowing that this thing used to chill with dinosaurs is enough to know that you shouldn't mess with it. You can check out the frill shark below, via Sara Laughter's Twitter account.

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