Disney+ is currently streaming every episode of the hit ABC sitcom Dinosaurs. Baby Sinclair, who beats out Baby Grogu by three decades, is back to reclaim his crown as the most popular baby on Disney's streaming service. The classic 1990s sitcom follows the lives of the anthropomorphic dinosaur family the Sinclairs. The family consists of parents Fran (Jessica Walter), Earl (Stuart Pankin), and their children Baby Sinclair (Kevin Clash), Robbie (Leif Tilden), and Charlene (Sally Struthers).

Jim Henson first conceived the idea for Dinosaurs back in 1988. However, people were not sold on the idea back then. In fact, people though that Henson, the man behind The Muppets, was "crazy" to think that a sitcom about dinosaurs would be a hit. It wasn't until the success of The Simpsons that people finally started to warm up to Henson's idea. Sadly, Henson passed away a year before Dinosaurs premiered and was not able to see the show's success. The Simpsons and Dinosaurs are now both under the same roof at Disney+.

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Brian Henson, son of Jim Henson, said that he was excited for Disney+ to be taking over on Dinosaurs earlier this month. "Dinosaurs is moving to Disney+ in a big way, which is nice," he said. "It's been on Hulu for quite a while and has quite a following. Dinosaurs is something that I'm always fiddling around with. The original show clearly has an ending, but it doesn't really have to be the end. It's just getting freezing cold there, and there was no food. That's where we ended it. Does that have to be the ending? I don't know. Not necessarily." Could there be more episodes on the way? Henson did not go into detail, but it seems like he would not be against revisiting the world of Dinosaurs under the Disney+ umbrella.

While Dinosaurs was a success, it was also an expensive show to make. It is believed the animatronics made the show pricey for the network. Stuart Pankin recalls, "I heard it was the most expensive half-hour TV show, at least at that point." It is believed that the price tag was the reason that the show was canceled in 1994 after first debuting in 1991. While the show was a comedy, it was praised for taking on mature themes.

Throughout its short time on television, Dinosaurs tackled environmentalism, endangered species, women's rights, sexual harassment, LGBT rights, objectification of women, censorship, civil rights, body image, steroid use, racism, drug abuse, and more. As of this writing, the series has a 96% Fresh Rating on Rotten Tomatoes, which could go up as more and more people go back rediscover the show or see it for the first time. You can now stream every episode on Disney+. In an effort to raise excitement, the official Disney+ Twitter account posted the original opening credits, which you can watch above.