The first 12-minutes of The Director and the Jedi chronicles the announcement of Rian Johnson taking on The Last Jedi all the way to starting production on Ahch-To. The new documentary is part of the Blu-ray special features for the movie, and it features an in-depth look at the making of The Last Jedi, which Rian Johnson promises won't be just "talking heads and b-roll footage." And from the first 12 minutes, Johnson is exactly right. The preview footage is beautifully shot and features some candid moments.

The Director and the Jedi documentary does not appear to be a tacked-on addition to the special features of The Last Jedi Blu-ray. Instead, it looks like an in-depth documentary about the making of the second Star Wars movie in the new trilogy. Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy walks in on a meeting to discuss concept art, completely unaware of the cameras in one scene while you get to watch Rian Johnson delightfully squirm when someone tells him that George Lucas wants to speak with him on the phone. This is very much a fly-on-the-wall type of situation.

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Additionally, we get to see Mark Hamill and Daisy Ridley going over dialogue and action spots at Pinewood Studios while Kathleen Kennedy and Rian Johnson watch intently. It's also interesting to see Johnson take out his cellphone to show the crew that some Russian fans were begging him on Twitter not to kill off General Hux. The first 12-minutes really leaves you wanting to watch the whole thing, so it's good that we don't have too much longer to wait before it's available.

The Director and the Jedi was recently screened at SXSW and it gained rave reviews from those who were in attendance. Elsewhere in the documentary, it's revealed that there were 120 sets built for the movie for 100 days of shooting. We get to see travel dates and just how closely everything had to be monitored down to the color of something in wardrobe all the way up to the CGI effects and even the practical effects. The giant team had to be aware of every little detail to keep the machine running smoothly.

While The Last Jedi was not well-received by all of the hardcore Star Wars fans, this documentary looks like it will be essential viewing for all fans of the legendary franchise. The Director and the Jedi also has a seen where the cast and crew discuss the death of Carrie Fisher and discuss some of the difficult decisions that Rian Johnson had to make. The Last Jedi will be able to be bought digitally on March 13th and then available on Blu-ray on March 27th. You can watch the exclusive 12-minute preview of the Director and the Jedi exclusively through the IMDB website.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick