During a recent interview with Breck Eisner about the upcoming release of Sahara on DVD, the director hinted at the possibilty of an upcoming sequel.

What are the plans for a sequel? Is there one in the works right now?

"Well, yes, we sure hope to be doing one and I think a lot of that depends on actually how we do on DVD. You know, we've done well box office and we want to continue to do well on DVD. And if all things do go well, because it's an expensive movie, then we will do another one. There are 18 books so we have a lot of source material to pull from."

Which book would be next?

"I know they have two or three of the books under contract. But I'm not supposed to tell anyone which ones they are yet, sadly."

Is the script done?

"No, the script is being written as we speak."

Have all the stars from Sahara signed on to a sequel?

"Yeah. Matthew [McConaughey], Steve Zahn, Bill Macy, and Rainn Wilson are all under three-picture deals."

And you'll definitely be directing the sequel?

"Yes, I would love to direct the next one. So if it goes, I'll be doing it, for sure."

Will the sequel be the next thing you direct?

"It depends on the timing. I'm taking another movie fairly soon while we finish developing this movie. Hopefully the plan will be I do another movie while we continue writing and developing and scouting this, and I go into the next Sahara after that."

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