Tekken: In a recent interview with IESB, director Charles Stone III, recently announced as being attached to the upcoming video game adaptation, Tekken, talked about the plans for the film thus far...

"It will not be anything like Mortal Kombat or any of the Lara Croft movies. You will get the feeling of Bruce Lee's Enter The Dragon. I want the audience to get to know the characters, so when they have to battle each other it will be more dramatic."

When asked what actors he hopes to have involved in the film, "Both Jet Li and Jackie Chan have been loosely attached to the film but were now thinking of starting clean. It will have plenty of "A" list actors," he told the IESB.

So with all the money that comic book and genre films have been making the studios in the last few years, will a studio "pay up" for actors in Jackie or Jet's league? "Our budget is good so we shouldn't have problem there," Stone told the IESB.

Scripting has begun with a proposed production start date sometime next year.