/guardians-of-the-galaxy-post-credits-cameo-revealed/Yesterday, it was rumored that a longtime collaborator of director James Gunn would be making a cameo in the post-credits sequence of his upcoming sci-fi epic Guardians of the Galaxy. Latino Review reported that the Human Rocket himself, Nova (a.k.a. Richard Rider), would be making an appearance, played by none other than Firefly and Castle star Nathan Fillion. Today, James Gunn is denying that there is any truth to this.

One fan took him to task, saying he was just trying to keep the cameo a secret. He quickly responded.

But wait! Just because Nathan Fillion isn't playing Nova in Guardians of the Galaxy doesn't mean he's not in the movie. Proving that he's no liar, James Gunn goes onto confirm that his friend is in fact in the movie. He's just not playing Nova.

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This begs the question, 'Who is he playing?' And, 'Do you care?' Will Nova still appear in the post-credits sequence? That was not denied. And as we pointed out yesterday, Nova wears a helmet, so any actor could play him in a post-credit sequence and be replaced, ala Marvel's The Avengers and Thanos.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange