Seed of Chucky: In preperation of this week's release of Seed of Chucky, the 5th flick in the Child's Play series, director Don Mancini talked to our friends over at Bloody Disgusting about some interesting details surrounding the Seed of Chucky DVD as well as other content Child's Play fans might soon get their hands on...

Mr D: Will we ever see any of the DVDs re-released with extra footage and commentary tracks? RELATED: Chucky Creator Says TV Series Finally Explores Charles Lee Ray's Origin Story

The existing BRIDE OF CHUCKY DVD has two wonderfully witty and insightful commentary tracks. As for the first three films, I imagine it's only a matter of time before they're reissued with commentary tracks. Also, I personally have about seventy hours worth of behind-the-scenes, on-set footage from CHILD'S PLAY 2, which I shot with my own video camera. The 80s-era clothing and hair alone make this footage a laff-riot. And as for extra footage -- there really isn't much to speak of, except from the first CHILD'S PLAY, but we really felt that by withholding this footage, we were performing a public service. It's locked up in a vault somewhere in the valley, along with vocal tracks on which actress Jessica Walter performs the voice of Chucky -- I'm not kidding. (And you thought BRIDE and SEED were gay...) Director Tom Holland's brilliant idea was that since a woman -- Mercedes McCambridge -- had so successfully provided the voice of Satan in THE EXORCIST, then it was only logical that a woman should provide the voice of Chucky. Fortunately, Holland came to his senses and went with his original choice, Brad Dourif.

Mr D: What can we expect of the 'Seed' DVD?

Commentary tracks featuring Brad, Jennifer, David Kirschner, Corey Sienega, Tony Gardner, and myself. The deleted Debbie Carrington scene, with commentary explaining why it had to be cut. A series of hilarious, specially-shot skits featuring Chucky, Tiffany, and Glen. Behind-the-scenes/on-set/ making-of footage. Jennifer's diary. Video footage of Brad, Jennifer, and Billy Boyd recording the vocal tracks for Chucky, Tiffany, and Glen. An on-camera interview with composer Pino Donaggio. A piece on the animatronics and puppeteers. A piece on our VFX company, STARGATE, and how they helped us transform Romania into Hollywood. The teaser, trailer, and TV commercials. And proof-of-purchase seal, warranty, and customer-satisfaction guarantee.