Warcraft director Duncan Jones has revealed that he's directing a comic book movie as his next project. Unfortunately, for the time being, that's all he's really willing to tell us about it. Though, he did add that it's a "special one" and that he would be teasing a bit more about it in a few days. So, the question naturally becomes, what comic book is Jones going to be adapting for the big screen?

Then again, who's to say it's going to be for the big screen at all? Duncan Jones directed Mute for Netflix. Maybe he's got something brewing with the streaming service again? When it comes to what we know for sure, Jones took to Twitter to make the initial reveal, saying that he's nervous but clearly excited about what he's got cooking. Here's what he had to say about it.

"A little nervous about this, but hell, nervous is where the fun is! I'm going to be making a comic book movie next! A pretty special one. That's the initial tease...Second tease to come in a few days!"

Baby Driver director Edgar Wright chimed in saying, "I know what it is and I'm excited." If it's enough to get a guy like Wright excited, we should probably all be excited. Not only that, but Duncan Jones is nothing if not a fascinating director. While both Warcraft and Mute weren't great movies, they were unbelievably ambitious and showcased a whole lot of vision. Both Moon and Source Code also prove that he can make a downright good, if not great movie. Having a guy like that attached to a comic book movie should be more than enough to raise a few eyebrows.

As for what the movie could be? It's anyone's guess, really. Obviously, many are going to speculate this will be something for Marvel or DC. With promised teases coming in a few days, something with Marvel Studios actually seems less likely. They're currently playing it a bit close to the chest when it comes to anything after Avengers 4 so it's tough to imagine Duncan Jones will get to reveal one of the Phase 4 MCU movies, but not impossible. There's plenty in the DC universe that Jones could be taking on, with Warner Bros. having a number of projects in development.

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There are also some outside choices. Sony is developing several Spider-Man spin-off projects, as well as their Valiant Comics adaptations, which are kicking off with Vin Diesel's Bloodshot. Then there's the possibility that this is something that we've yet to hear anything about previously and could serve as a total surprise.

San Diego Comic-Con is taking place next weekend. It's certainly within the realm of reality that the filmmaker could offer a couple of teases on social media over the course of the next week or so and ultimately reveal the project at the event. For now, you can check out Duncan Jones' Twitter tease for yourself below and speculate wildly.

Ryan Scott at Movieweb
Ryan Scott