Eli Roth: In recent a interview with director Eli Roth (Cabin Fever), Bloody Disgusting unearthed all kinds of information on the director's upcoming projects...

Eli Roth has closed a deal with Camelot Pictures to make The Box. Eli and Richard Kelley of Donnie Darko Fame will collaborate their efforts. The film, still being written, is an adaptation of a Richard Matheson story called Button Button, also made into a twilight zone episode back in the 60's on the original show. The story will figure a bickering couple that comes into possession of a box that gives money each time it's button is pressed. The only catch is that a person dies every time they get more money. They plan to shoot in the Fall of 2004.

Eli is also working on a project called Drawn. Not one of Eli's creations, drawn was a script sent to him by an aspiring filmmaker. Eli was so impressed by this dark and frightening tale that he decided he could bring it to the big screen with his director's flair. The film is about an Artist who discovers that Evil uses all forms of art to spread its message to the world and the Artist's unsuccessful struggle to prevent the apocalypse through his creations, Eli says Drawn is a "nightmarish and horrifying film with the same dark feel as films like the Exorcist and The Shining." Featuring the End of Mankind, Tidal waves of blood, and waves of bodies, Eli believes this will be a fun one.

Also in wrap-up is 2001 Maniacs, starring Robert Englund. This is Eli's first endeavor stemming from his new company called Raw Nerve Productions. Raw Nerve is Eli Roth, Yak Boaz of Greenestreet Films, and Scott Spiegel of Evil Dead 2 fame. They are hoping to provide an environment where new horror filmmakers can get their big break, or where veterans can come to experiment in horror. Oh, But it must be Gory and Sick. They will be accepting scripts from horror filmmaker Hopefuls. Eli Roth describes 2001 Maniacs as a remake with the "slapstick humor of Dead Alive." Violence and death seem to be big on Raw Nerve's agenda; and animated film called Camp Death is in the works as well. Eli says that is will be really offensive. Like his Rotten Fruit shorts, Camp Death will be a stop-motion animation film. I can quote Eli as saying, "I want it to be the most upsetting film you can imagine. Imagine Cannibal Holocaust if it were animated- I want people to watch it and think, 'How could someone over the age of 15 have done something like that?'"

On the lighter side, Eli is working on a script for a teen comedy he will also be directing called Scavenger Hunt for Universal. It will be film based on Eli's high school experiences. With lots of T & A. Of course. To all of those guys who used to beat up Eli in high school: Suddenly it isn't so funny anymore. Get ready for some payback.

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