Cabin Fever: A new interview is up with director Eli Roth over at the German MSN site, where he speaks in depth about the upcoming Cabin Fever DVD!

Cabin Fever is a long, (deep voice) LONG, journey. I first wrote the story back in 1993, like 10 years ago and then Randy Pearlstein and I write the script in 1995. I was based on some horrible experiences I had as a kids growing up where I literally was the king of freak illnesses. Stuff that strikes 1 in a 1,000,000 I'm the kids who gets it. when I was 19 I went to Iceland with my brother and I was working on this horse farm. We had to clean out this barn that was filled with hay and I got this weird infection on my face. My skin was itching so badly I thought it was an allergic reaction, I just started scratching and scratching one night thinking I had a mosquito bite and I realised I had huge chunk of skin and flesh in my hand. So I went back to sleep thinking I had just ripped a mosquito bite and the next day I went to shave and my skin just started peeling like a banana, it just came right off my face was so itchy that it actually felt good peeling of my face and then I looked in the mirror and realised a third of my face was gone and decided this was not good. 2 or 3 years later I was in my apartment in New York city, just out of NYU (New York University) and I woke up and my legs were in so much pain and I peeled back the sheets and my whole legs and crotch were rotted out, they was blood and I hadn't even had sex, I was like "what the hell?" Image waking up and looking down at your legs just demolished, you can't even touch them, there was like puss and blood and I was like "what is this?" Overnight it comes out. Turns out I have siriasis and I just started thinking, we're not at the top of the food chain, it's bacteria and virus that's going to get all of us and we're just trying to keep self-preservation until something comes and wipes us out.

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