Our friends over at Bloody Digusting recently got some juciy bits regarding the upcoming SAW sequel, from the director himself, James Wan. Take a look...

"We're in the process of casting for SAW 2 right now. Its definite that Shawnee Smith and Tobin Bell are both coming back. Why is Shawnee coming back? Well, without giving too much away...you find out that Shawnee's character did not learn to appreciate the second chance that she earned from the first film. And Tobin's character, Jigsaw, is a prominent figure in this one. In the first film, he was hardly seen but his presence was felt everywhere. And since his identity has been revealed, we're now bringing him to the fore-front of the story and exploring him in depth. People will get to see what makes this guy ticks. Sure SAW 2 will have a lot of really cool set-pieces, but its first and foremost, a character-study movie above everything else. Generally sequels are all about cashing in on the success of the first film, but we're working damn hard to make sure it retains its integrity. Leigh has agonized over the writing to make it as good as he possibly could, in such a short amount of time. Whether we succeed or not in the public's eyes, for Leigh and myself, the most important thing is telling a good story. RELATED: Spiral: From the Book of Saw Digital Rental Is Now Available From the Comforts of Home

And speaking of the story, its really hard to talk about it without giving it way. Rather, I'll talk about the philosophy behind SAW2... Jigsaw is dying, but he's looking to beat his illness. And he believes, with his last set of games, it will provide him with the cure for his cancer. And what is the cure for death... Immortality."

How bloody will SAW 2 be you ask?

"Let me cut to it, SAW 2is going to be NASTY! There are scenes in this one that makes me squirm just thinking about it. On the first film, we didn't have any budget to show you anything, so I had to hide it all with quick cuts...SAW 2 is a different story. Darren has a bigger budget on this one to do it right. He's gonna have a better financial support

than I did on the first one.

And as for the next film I'm directing, it has finally received the greenlight from Universal. SILENCE could not be anymore different than SAW 2, even though they're both in the same genre. Its not about blood and guts, its all about scare and atmosphere. Its going to be the definitive ghost story. I only want to make the scariest film ever."

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