Mission: Impossible 3: A recent interview with About.com has the newly appointed Mission: Impossible director talking about his plans for the franchise...

Since Frank Darabont wrote the Mission: Impossible 3 script, are you going to do a pass on it? RELATED: Mission: Impossible 7 Halts Filming Once Again After Positive COVID Test

We’re still figuring out what the next step is going to be. He’s one of my favorite writers and did unbelievable work on the script.

Cruise wants every film to have a different look. How will you go about that?

It’s in the very early stages. We’re just figuring out what the next step is going to be. I could not be more excited. Working on that series is a dream for me.

Does landing this gig make up for Superman?

I’m just thrilled to see a good Superman movie. I was disappointed but I think Bryan Singer has done incredible work and so I’m just excited about seeing a movie.

Are you disappointed that Cruise is doing War of the Worlds first?

Oh no. It allows me to fulfill my obligations on Alias and Lost. I have another pilot that I’m shooting in October, so.

Are you nervous about your film debut?

I’m excited. I am so excited. I’ve been waiting for a long time to find something to direct and it felt like the right thing. I’ve been lucky enough to be offered a couple things, but this is the first time that I just cannot wait to get going. I’m so excited.

Was Alias good preparation for M:I3?

Alias has been in some ways good preparation for what that will be and I have to say that to some degree, I owe Buena Vista Home Entertainment this job because I’d had a meeting with Mr. Cruise and I gave him the Alias DVDs. He’d never seen the show. And I thought, “He’ll never watch it.” And I got a call a couple months later that he had watched every episode and that was the beginning of the discussions. So if it hadn’t been for the DVDs, I definitely wouldn’t have the job, so thanks again.