In a story originating from Screen Daily yesterday, one half of Captain America: The Winter Soldier directorial team, Joe Russo, who is working alongside his brother Anthony Russo, was widely /director-joe-russo-calls-captain-america-the-winter-soldier-greatest-marvel-movie-yet/misquoted while attending the CineEurope conference in Barcelona, Spain, seemingly making a statement that riled up a couple of over zealous fans. He was thought to be calling his now-in-production sequel the best Marvel yet.

"It's going to be much greater than any Marvel movie to date."

This actually isn't what he said at all. He called it the "grittiest" Marvel movie yet.

"It's going to be much grittier than any Marvel movie to date."

To make this clear, we were not the one's that misquoted Joe. And his mis-statement was quickly spread throughout the online community. That said, in our own personal opinion, we think it has the potential to be one of the greatest Marvel movies yet. Captain America: The First Avenger is 'possibly' the most re-watchable of the Marvel Phase One films, and is a lot more fun than Marvel's The Avengers on repeat viewings. Both films are available on Netflix streaming right now, so strap on those arguing caps! Maybe some of you were up in arms about Captain America: The Winter Soldier being the greatest Marvel movie yet, but you can give it grittiest: Cap and Black Widow make out on an escalator! The Winter Soldier's bionic arm! Steve visiting an old folks home in his early 30s while all his friends are 90 and dying! That's pretty gritty stuff for a Marvel movie. This one looks like its on the right track and we can't wait.

B. Alan Orange