Director Jonathan Mostow has signed on to replace Phillip Noyce on the upcoming action-thriller For the Dogs, which has Sam Worthington and Hailee Steinfeld attached to star.

Oren Moverman (Rampart) wrote the most recent draft of the script, an adaptation of Kevin Wignall's novel, which follows a hitman (Sam Worthington) who helps a young woman (Hailee Steinfeld) get revenge on those responsible for the murder or her parents and younger brother. Paul Leyden (The Factory) wrote the original screenplay adaptation.

Sam Worthington, John Schwarz and Michael Schwarz are producing through their Full Clip Productions company, alongside Anthony Rhulen, Navid McIlhargey, Paul Leyden and Gregory Browne. Production is scheduled to take place this fall.

Jonathan Mostow is best known for directing Surrogates, Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines and U-571.