Producer Lloyd Levin has handpicked director Julian Gilbey, who recently made a splash with his British thriller A Lonely Place to Die, to helm the sci-fi adventure Offworld.

All kinds of extraterrestrial life forms, some dangerous, and some working on the side of the heroes, will occupy this alien thriller. This is how producer Lloyd Levin describes the movie.

"It's a kind of an intergalactic The Naked Prey, a pedal-to-the-metal safari movie set on an alien planet. There are lots of nasty creatures - some even on the good guys' side."

Lloyd Levin went onto reveal why he chose Julian Gilbey for the project.

"A Lonely Place to Die is a movie after my own heart. I loved how physical and visceral it was."

Screenwriter David Leslie Johnson will pen Offworld. No start date has been set at this time.