Billy Dead: According to The Hollywood Reporter, director Keith Gordan wants YOU, the movie-goer, to fund his next project Billy Dead, starring Ethan Hawke:

It took Gordon nine years to piece together the funding for his 2000 film "Waking the Dead." The experience persuaded him to try a new approach for his next project -- ask movie fans for the money. Civilian Capital Inc. an online brokerage, is underwriting an initial public offering to finance Gordon's next movie, "Billy Dead," a dark tale of childhood violence and sexual abuse which is set to star Ethan Hawke. Investors can read the first chapter of the book and part of the screenplay on the company's Web site but will not have voting control of the company nor a voice in casting the movie or approving script changes. The goal of the IPO is to raise $7.9 million by selling 900,000 preferred shares in "Billy Dead Inc." at the IPO price of $8.75 per share. The shares will be traded on the Nasdaq Over the Counter market. "It's a joke that I've become a professional fund-raiser who directs as a hobby," Gordon said during a news conference Wednesday. "Independent films are breaking out of the system, so why shouldn't the financing as well?"