I am Legend:Gothika director Mathieu Kassovitz confirmed to Moviehole that he’s interested in directing the long-awaited "I Am Legend"...

We’re finishing the script and we will begin casting that one shortly”, he explains. “I am Legend was one of my favourite books as kids. People have been trying to make the movie for like 20 years – ever since The Omega Man came out. I think Spielberg wanted to do it at one time.” Kassovitz says if he does make it it’ll be without Arnold Schwarzenegger – who was attached to the film a couple of years back. “We are seeing a lot of different people for it. Unfortunately Arnold can’t do it, because he’s Governor, but he would have been great. A lot of projects in Hollywood get thrown about and never see the sun so here’s hoping this one does happen”. He continues, “Hollywood is just like a big machine. If you don’t live there it’s great, if you do it can be really hard. It’s all about money, and if you haven’t got any you’re simply waiting for your next job to come along. It’s ok for me because I go there and then I get to come home to Paris. I love it actually. And one thing people get wrong about Hollywood is that they’re not simply after guns for hire, they want people with new, fresh ideas. You have an opportunity to bend the rules nowadays”.

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Brian B. at Movieweb
Brian B.