McG Still wants more Terminator movies.
Fans who own the Terminator Salvation Blu-ray were treated to a special BD-LIVE chat yesterday where director McG answered questions about the movie as well as the future of the Terminator Salvation franchise. Apparently, the director has claimed that he's still interested in directing a 5th and 6th chapter in the series.

This comes as a bit of confusion seeing how the /terminator-franchise-to-be-sold-by-february/Terminator franchise is to be sold by February, according to last week's announcement by the Halcyon Holding Group:

"Over the past few weeks, Halcyon and its professionals have engaged in in-depth discussions and negotiations with numerous serious potential buyers, including several major movie studios," Halcyon stated. "In addition, a number of attractive refinancing alternatives have also been presented. In order to maximize the value of a transaction for all of the company's creditors and stakeholders, we are fully analyzing all these options."
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Of course, the general consensus is that fan boys didn't enjoy the McG'd Terminator, and with a budget of over $200 million, and a worldwide take of only $374 million, the proof is in the pudding.

CLICK HERE to read the entire BD-LIVE chat over at Gizmodo.

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