Harry Potter & The Goblet of Fire: Director Mike Newell recently spoke with Zap2It about his plans for the 4th Harry Potter film, scheduled to begin production this Spring...

"Chris Columbus made the first two, and those were a particular kind of film. Alfonso Cuaron is making the third, and it is radically different, and for me there is a story worth telling," Newell says to Zap2it.com in interviews for his upcoming film, "Mona Lisa Smile," starring Julia Roberts. He says the actors are growing up with the same pace as J.K. Rowling wrote them, so they will be the same. "But, whether [Daniel Radcliffe] will be back beyond this or not, I don't know." RELATED: Harry Potter Star Has Mixed Feelings About a Reboot, Here's Why

He sees this book as a "classic thriller" explaining how Harry Potter got the scar on his forehead. He's particularly excited about the "big shootout at the end" when the antagonist becomes a huge looming presence.

"At the beginning, the antagonist, the anti-hero, the creature of supreme evil, has a plan. He needs one tiny, tiny little thing from the boy: three drops of blood. Therefore he sets up this gorgeous piece of clockwork which will get him what he needs. And the boy, classically, starts, as all thriller heroes do, in complete ignorance, and then you watch him ratchet around until and he and the antagonist are in exactly the same place at the same time, knowing everything," Newell explains.