Director Paul Greengrass has squashed a rumor stating that he will return to helm the upcoming spy thriller Bourne 5. Although Matt Damon recently said he would return if the director did, Greengrass called the idea a figment of someone's imagination.

He recently sat down with Empire Online to put an end to the rumors. Here he talks about where the rumors are coming from.

"I've absolutely no idea. I'm not being funny but, no, that's just a figment of someone's imagination."

He also shed some light on the last time the idea of him returning was discussed.

"Quite a while ago We might have a laugh about it, but a serious conversation? Not for a long time."

He wrapped up the interview by commenting on the experience of making the films.

"Um... listen, I loved the Bourne movies. I loved making them but it's like anything in life, you've got to move on and do different things."

Paul Greengrass directed The Bourne Supremacy and The Bourne Ultimatum. He is currently promoting his latest project Captain Phillips starring Tom Hanks.

Who do you think should direct Bourne 5?