Exorcist: The Beginning: According to many sources over at Dark Horizons, the rumors that Paul Schrader was fired from the director's chair of the Exorcist prequel have turned out to be true:

After talk the other week they were unhappy with it, its now been mentioned by The New York Post that Morgan Creek Productions has in fact fired Director Paul Schrader from the 'Exorcist' prequel after "giving them footage without any of the bloody violence the backers had wanted" was cited as reason for the dismissal. This is an unusual move as the $40-50 million budget film has already completed photography and as Schrader had made clear in an on-set interview me and nearly a dozen other journalists did with him in February, he was making more of a psychological drama than an all-out gorefest. Co-writer Caleb Carr says "The problem with Paul's cut of the movie is it does not deliver the psychological fear we were looking for...It does have some good dramatic elements which can be rearranged with some good shooting into a very good movie". No announcement as to who will replace Schrader has yet been made, but whoever it is will be expected to handle some reshoots and fix up the film more towards the investor's liking.
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