Freddy vs. Jason 2: During a recent interview with Creature Corner, director Ronny Yu (Bride Of Chucky, Freddy vs. Jason) talked about the possibilities and pitches of a Freddy vs. Jason sequel...

A script is exactly what he's currently waiting on for the Freddy vs. Jason sequel that may, and that's a big "may," introduce Bruce Campbell's Ash (of the Evil Dead series) to the melee.

"That's something that the studio came up with, they asked me and all the fans wanted me to do it as well, so I said yes, show me the script! I would definitely do it. They're still working on the script, I haven't seen anything. I hope they won't work on it for 10 years."

Just as well, the director was asked about the live action adaptation of the Blood: The Last Vampire anime which he has expressed interest in and his response held that "the project is still lurking in his future."

Stay tuned for updates on all of Ronny Yu's ventures...

Brian B. at Movieweb
Brian B.