Freddy vs. Jason: An interview with director Ronny Yu was recently published in Rue Morgue Magazine, where he spilled his guts about making one of the most anticipated horror films ever. {@@@[email protected]@@}{@@@[email protected]@@}

{@@@[email protected]@@}{@@@[email protected]@@}...TONS of spoilers ahead:

Rue Morgue: What do you hope to bring to Freddy vs. Jason?

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Ronny Yu: ... I think New Line was looking for someone completely different. When I told them I hadn't seen the other films they said, "Great, that's perfect. We want a director who's never seen an Elm Street or Friday film."

Rue Morgue: How would you describe the relationship between Freddy and Jason in the movie?

Ronny Yu: ...Freddy's scared of fire and Jason's scared of water, which is as elemental as it gets. There's also a great theme of revenge and not messing with someone's mother, because Jason goes crazy when Freddy messes with his mother. ...

They each have strengths and weaknesses and advantages over each other.

Rue Morgue: The story begins at Camp Crystal Lake and moves to Springwood.. and back to the lake for the finale...

Ronny Yu: Yes, basically.

Rue Morgue: Does Freddy have a new look?

Ronny Yu: Yes, Freddy has a new demon face, so to speak, which I don't want to talk about. Robert and I filmed that scene up at a water tank ... basically Freddy's head explodes and you see past faces of his victims...

Rue Morgue: Can we assume since Jason is emotionless, that Freddy dominates the dramatic parts...

Ronny Yu: You could say that. Freddy's a lot more sick in this film and really torments Jason, so much so that I hope people feel sorry for Jason. I think of the film more about Freddy than Jason.

Rue Morgue: How is Freddy vs. Jason Hitchcockian?

Ronny Yu: We filmed a rave scene ... Jason jumps out and starts killing ALL OF THEM. He's killing cuz his mother told him to. He thinks he'll bring her back to life by killing enough victims. But,of course, it's Freddy all along. The more teens die, the more powerful Freddy becomes. ..... We also have a great TRIPLE ENDING in the film which I think people will be talking about a lot.

Rue Morgue: Do you definitely expect a sequel?

Ronny Yu: Oh yeah. See, I think of this as the first film in a series, not the 20th. We're kind of forgetting everything that's happened before and starting from scratch while at the same time showing flash backs... like a refresher. Everyone knows who Freddy and Jason are so we wanna make a film for the masses, not really the hardcore fans who might remember some details from a sequel 10 years ago. There's no mention of Jason X, that's for sure.

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