Spider-man 2.5: In lew of the Spider-man 2 DVD coming this fall, director Sam Raimi has plans for a 2.5 version of the film which will be an extended cut of the theatrical cut seen in theaters this week...

Director Sam Raimi said Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment is planning an extended cut of Spider-Man 2, to be called Spider-Man 2.5, to be released on DVD long after the theatrical cut streets. During a press conference, Raimi said he is happy with the theatrical cut, which he estimates was only trimmed by five minutes, but he previewed the sorts of moments that might be reinstated. He teased the press with one complete scene featuring actor J.K. Simmons as the Daily Bugle editor that could be included in the extended cut. "I don't want to tell you about it. It's a surprise."
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Extras planned for the theatrical cut DVD include behind-the-scenes featurettes, trailers, TV spots and more standard bonus features. Raimi was not directly involved in the production of those, but does exert his approval over the material. "I do approve these things. I watch all of them, and I say, 'Please, let's not incorporate that. It seems too out of character for Spider-Man' or 'I don't think the kids will like this," he said. "I usually make some edits and suggestions in each and every piece where I try not to give away too much of the magic unless it's necessary. But really, it's put together by other editors and filmmakers." Look for the Spider-Man 2 DVD this fall.

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