caught up with Sylvain White, the director of Frank Miller's Ronin, and gave an interview regarding the project.

Ronin tells the tale of a dishonored 13th-century samurai who is reborn in a corrupt and computerized 21st century New York with one last chance for redemption. His quest takes him through the violent Manhattan netherworld, and brings him face-to-face with passion, betrayal, murder... and the reincarnation of his sworn enemy, the ancient demon Agat. On a bleak and decaying battleground, the two foes wage a final war: to settle past debts, and for the soul of a dying civilization.

Here is a tidbit of the interview:

How were you contacted to direct Frank Miller's Ronin?

SW: Producer Gianni Nunnari had contact me years ago before I had done I'll Always Know What You Did Last Summer and recently brought up the project back again. He had seen some of my short films. It was a combination of the music video work and the commercial work and the short films that I had done at that time and there was something in my work that he really liked and we met and he brought up this project, and I'm a huge Frank Miller fan and I'm a huge graphic novel fan. I grew up in France and we have lots of graphic novels there. Frank Miller is one of the few Americans whose graphic novels I really like; and so of course, Ronin is the best possible project I thought I could ever have. I jumped on it and now is the right time to go with it.

At what stage is the film at now? Is there a script in place and if so, who wrote it?

SW: It's putting these elements together. We are working off different scripts and trying to polish them. We are working off different versions that we got a couple of different authors. There's a really nice presentation that goes with it. It's basically saving the world back and forth and looking to develop it further once we set it up with Warner Bros. Warner Bros. has a first look deal on the film after the project was placed in turnaround. I found out recently that a few years ago New Line Cinema was supposed to put out a Ronin film with Darren Aronsky attached to direct. That was over 5 years ago. to read the entire interview!

No word on when the film will arrive in theatres.

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