Brothers Grimm:Empire Online' recently caught up with director Terry Gilliam to speak about the progress of his current project, Brothers Grimm, starring Heath Ledger and Matt Damon...

"Well we've finished shooting! Now we're editing it. I actually saw the first assembly today for the first time, and, well, it's going to be busy for the next few months. There's hundreds of special effects shots. Part of it is editing in the dark, because you're trying to imagine extraordinary things." RELATED: Brothers Grimm TV Show Planned with Original Movie Writer

The film stars Matt Damon and Heath Ledger as the eponymous brothers, who are con men travelling around 18th century Europe and pretending to rid villages of mythical beasties. Their bluff is called, however, when Napoleon orders them to a forest actually plagued by enchanted creatures. So how did Matt and Heath handle it?

"Well these are very different from their normal characters. They're cast completely against type, which is always a gamble, but when it pays off I love it. The actors love it, and the audience likes waking up and discovering the world is different every day."

There is, however, one question on everyone's lips for Gilliam, and that concerns his lost film, The Man Who Killed Don Quixote. No one who has seen Lost in La Mancha, the story of its abortive production, could fail to care about the fate of what looked suspiciously like the perfect Gilliam film. So is there any hope that it could rise from the grave?

"That's one reason for making The Brothers Grimm - make a big successful film and generate the money for that. I'm actually going to Paris at the end of this month to try to get the rights to the script back - we've been at this for two years. It's just become very complicated - mainly legal things. I'm going to go over there and hopefully resolve some of these issues face to face, because this film is going to be finished fairly soon and I've got to work again."