Over The Hedge: In a recent interview with Empire Movies director Tim Johnson (Sinbad) gave up some juicy details about his next project, Over The Hedge, which stars Jim Carrey...

the 'environmentally aware' animated feature "Over the Hedge" which stars Jim Carrey as the voice of a cocksure racoon and Gary Shandling as a turtle named Verne.

In regards to Shandling's character and the plot, Johnson says:

"He wakes up after sleeping for five months and hibernating through a cold mid-Western winter, takes two steps and walks into this thing he's never seen before - this hedge. It turns out that while he and the squirrels and his other friends were sleeping, this developer has built a hundred homes over half their woodland. Gary teams up with a sort of rascal racoon, voiced by Jim Carrey, who claims to know everything about humans and that's where the mayhem starts". What about Carrey's creature? "In RJ we've got a real sort of Music Man character - he comes in from out of town and charms all the other animals into thinking the humans are their new best friends. He says, thing like 'the Humans put food into special cans and leave it outside just for you.' So you've got in Jim Carrey the ability to be a real hustler but with a real smile on his face".

Thanks to Dark Horizons for the scoop!