Alone In The Dark: A new interview with director Uwe Boll is up at Insomnia Maniac! Here's a taste:

Zee Zack - The advantage of having a cast, which is unknown, is the fact that you don't know who is really going to get killed. Cause you've got some very popular...very famous well known actors in Alone in the dark like Tara Reid and Christian Slater and so most of the people are going to presume that these people don't die or get killed off.

Uwe - Correct, this is a point in a movie like House of the dead. I think it is very important that you don't know who gets killed. Compared to other horror movies it is really surprisingly who survives and who is dying. With Alone in the Dark there is another appeal behind it. There is a small mystery and creepy atmosphere, and has-beens going on. There is a lot of action but