You may not be able to put Baby in a corner, but you can certainly put her in the hospital as a couple in the U.K. recently found out. The two lovebirds and fanatical Dirty Dancing fans, wanted to recreate the iconic scene for their pending nuptials where Patrick Swayze's Johnny lifts Jennifer Grey's Baby into the air in a graceful dance maneuver that stunned moviegoers in 1987. The English couple didn't seem to be as practiced as Swayze and Grey, which resulted in them both being rushed to the hospital via ambulance.

According to Metro U.K., Andy and Sharon Price 51 and 52 respectively, decided to get a head start on their wedding next year and practice the dance move. Ms. Price said "I have always loved Dirty Dancing and it is one of my all time favorite films. We were in the beer garden and my niece and nephew were trying to do the lift." I think the key words here are definitely "beer" and "garden." Ms. Price then looked at Andy to suggest that they recreate the iconic moment for their first dance, which of course sounded like a great idea in the BEER GARDEN.

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What happened next is still a bit of a mystery to the couple, but thankfully there is photographic evidence to preserve the moment forever. Instead of the lift even getting started, Ms. Price collided with Mr. Price, knocking each other unconscious. Apparently their family members thought they were having a bit of fun until it was evident that they were both seriously hurt. Mr. Price was coming in and out of consciousness and they were both rushed to the emergency room. Ms. Price said that the doctors laughed when she relayed the story about how they ended up there.

The couple both suffered head and back injuries, but Mr. Price seems to have caught the worst of it, with a bruised neck and back. The soon to be newlyweds are also grandparents and have since decided that they'll do a slow dance, a decision that is probably for the best. The couple does show an amazing sense of humor about the incident, which is refreshing because one can easily imagine taking this secret to the grave, threatening to cut inheritance to family members for ever bringing it up again or sharing the photos.

As it turns out, the dance move wasn't so easy for Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey. In addition to the co-stars not getting along off set, the iconic move took a lot of practice. Swayze was a trained dancer and obviously had a lot of experience while Grey was a novice and needed much more practice. The actors and choreographers spent hours and days, on and off set to get the move just right. Filming took place during the fall in North Carolina and Jennifer Grey got hypothermia while filming the practice scenes in the freezing water, but it all came out perfectly in the end. Check out the pictures of Mr. and Ms. Price attempting the dance move in the beer garden below and please, whatever you do, don't try this at your local beer garden.