Gender-swapped remakes seem to be en vogue these days, with a Splash remake being set up this week starring Channing Tatum as the mer-man, and Jillian Bell as the female lead for Disney. Today we have word that another gender-swapped remake is coming together, with MGM attaching Rebel Wilson to star in a remake of the 1988 classic Dirty Rotten Scoundrels. As of now, the actress is the first cast member to come aboard, with no director in place at this time.

Variety reports that this story will be updated for the 21st Century, following two female con artists, one who is utterly low-brow while the other is quite sophisticated, who try to hustle a "naive tech prodigy" out of his hard-earned fortune. The 1988 movie which starred Steve Martin and Michael Caine, was actually a remake of the script for the 1964 Marlon Brando movie Bedtime Story. The screenplay for this remake was written by Jac Schaeffer (TiMER).

We first reported on this comedy remake way back in 2008, when Steve Pink (Hot Tub Time Machine) came aboard to write and direct, but it never got off the ground. Roger Birnbaum will produce alongside Rebel Wilson, who is also attached to star in another remake of a 1980s classic. Back in 2014, the actress signed on for the lead role in a remake of Private Benjamin, which originally starred Goldie Hawn, but we haven't had any updates on that project since then.

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Since no director is on board, it isn't known when production may begin on this new movie. Rebel Wilson most recently starred in How to Be Single and The Brothers Grimsby. She will also reprise her role as Fat Amy in Pitch Perfect 3, which has been set for release on December 22, 2017. Shortly after the release date was pushed from July 2017 to December 2017, director Elizabeth Banks stepped away from the director's chair, but she is still on board as a producer.

It isn't known if writer Jac Schaeffer, who also wrote Anne Hathaway's upcoming comedy The Shower, will write roles for original stars Steve Martin and Michael Caine for this reboot. It's certainly possible, especially after several of the original Ghostbusters stars came back for cameo appearances in Sony's gender-swapped reboot, which stars Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones. We'll be sure to keep you posted with more updates on Dirty Rotten Scoundrels as soon as more information comes through.