Bob Saget has dropped an update on those Dirty Work 2 rumors and he even noted that the odds are "looking very nice." The original Dirty Work, based on the Roald Dahl novel Vengeance is Mine Inc., was released in theaters in 1998. Saget served as the director using a script by Norm Macdonald, Frank Sebastiano, and Fred Wolf. Macdonald also co-starred with Artie Lange in the lead roles.

Unfortunately for Bob Saget and Dirty Work team, the movie failed to light the box office on fire when it was released. Still, despite underperforming with ticket buyers and critics in 1998, Dirty Work has become a popular cult favorite in subsequent years. Retroactive reviews have been much more kind and there's even been a movement from fans for Saget to get Macdonald and Lange back together for Dirty Work 2.

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The good news is that a Dirty Work sequel is perhaps closer than ever before to becoming a reality. In a new video interview for The Rizzuto Show on 105.7 the Point in St. Louis, Saget addressed his movie career and brought up Dirty Work. Without even being asked about the sequel possibilities, Saget excitedly mentioned that sequel discussions are still taking place. While nothing's a done deal at this point, it sounds like the odds are looking pretty good.

"I did this movie I directed, Dirty Work, in 1998. We're talking about, and thinking, there could be a sequel... I talk to Norm quite a bit, and Artie, and it's a pretty cool thing if it goes, which is looking very nice."

Last year, Saget similarly teased the idea of Dirty Work 2 in a separate interview on The Bill Bert Podcast. At the time, he noted that discussions with Macdonald had begun on the potential sequel and went so far as to say they've "got some permission from the big cheeses." This new update from Saget suggests he's still optimistic about its chances and that he's also spoken about the possibility with Lange as well.

Back in 2018, Norm McDonald also said he'd be up for the sequel. Speaking with Forbes at the time, Macdonald said there "might be another cone coming now," though he wasn't sure yet if Lange would be involved. As Macdonald explained, it might depend on catching Lange at the right time, as his life has been so unpredictable.

"I talked to Artie probably six months ago, I think," Macdonald said. "He's all over the place, Artie. So it's hard to know where he's at. Because sometimes I think he's really in trouble, then he's on a TV show, he's on Crashing and he still does stand up. So it's very hard to know exactly where he is right now, Artie. He's always in my thoughts, you know."

Dirty Work follows lifelong friends Mitch (Macdonald) and Sam (Lange) as they start a revenge-for-hire business to raise money for a heart transplant for Sam's father Pops (Jack Warden). The comedy is filled with notable cameo appearances from beginning to end, including Don Rickles, Chevy Chase, Gary Coleman, Adam Sandler, John Goodman, and Rebecca Romijn. Chris Farley also stars in his final role as a man whose nose was bitten off by a prostitute.

Time will tell if Dirty Work 2 ever comes to fruition. For now, you can stream the original movie on HBO Max if you're looking to give it a revisit. This news comes to us from The Rizzuto Show on 105.7 the Point.