James Franco is out promoting The Disaster Artist movie and he has revealed that they recreated 30-minutes worth of scenes from Tommy Wiseau's The Room. That had to have been a massive undertaking, but in the scenes that we've seen so far, it doesn't look like Franco held back at all in preparation for The Disaster Artist. The movie has been gaining critical praise and early screenings have been overwhelmingly positive. It's pretty amazing that James Franco has pulled off a movie about one of the best/worst movies of all time.

In an early screening for The Disaster Artist at London's Prince Charles Cinema, better known as "The Home of the Room," James Franco revealed that there is a lot more shot-for-shot footage of The Room that didn't make it into The Disaster Artist, which is mind boggling. Franco and crew must have had to watch Tommy Wiseau's horrible opus more times than they care to admit to nail the camera angles and to deliver the dialogue just right. The extra footage will be released on The Disaster Artist DVD/Blu-ray when it comes to home video.

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James Franco also revealed that in order to get the look of Tommy Wiseau down, he had to sit in a makeup chair for hours each morning as makeup artists applied prosthetics to his face to get the look just right. The actor also had a pretty sweet wig as well. But when it came down to nailing the voice, which Franco has uncannily done, the actor revealed that he has a secret tape of Wiseau talking to himself that he listened to constantly. Franco even played a little bit of the tape for the audience in attendance for the early screening of The Disaster Artist.

The Disaster Artist stars Dave Franco as Greg Sestero, a struggling actor who can't seem to break out of his shell. James Franco co-stars as Tommy Wiseau, another struggling actor when the two meet in San Francisco. What Sestero lacks in confidence, Wiseau compensates for with weird bravado, and together they embark on a journey to Los Angeles, where Wiseau, a mysterious millionaire with an unknown accent, already owns an apartment to become movie stars. Financed with his own money, Wiseau writes, directs and stars in The Room, a terribly bad movie that goes on to become a cult classic.

The reviews have been pouring in for The Disaster Artist and all of them have been positive thus far, with some critics saying that it actually makes them want to go back and watch The Room, which is a pretty impressive feat. Tommy Wiseau has even given the movie his blessing, saying that he approves of "99% of the film." Wiseau seems to think that the movie has uneven lighting and claims that James Franco has bad form when throwing a football. You can hear some more stories from behind the scenes of The Disaster Artist via the Kernels Podcast, courtesy of Kernels Podcast Twitter account.