Discovery Channel is joining with producer Craig Piligian to bring to life the engineering designs of the original Renaissance man, Leonardo Da Vinci, in a reality-like show tentatively titled Doing Da Vinci.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, during the 16th century, Da Vinci conceptualized many inventions that now are considered hundreds of years ahead of their time. The master artist's journals include blueprints of a helicopter, a tank, a calculator and the harvesting of solar power.

Most of the designs have never been constructed -- until now.

Discovery Channel has ordered six one-hour episodes of the series. Each episode will attempt to build two of his designs.

The "Da Vinci" design team will include a rocket scientist, a Hollywood special effects expert and an everyday in-the-garage inventor. Although the team will use modern tools, the building materials will all be re-creations of what was available during Da Vinci's era.

The series is expected to debut sometime next year.