The fleet of crab-fishing boats that captivated nearly three million viewers each week on Discovery Channel's Emmy-nominated series Deadliest Catch returns in April for a third season of daring adventures on the high seas. Viewers once again voyage to the Bering Sea and follow the brave captains and crew of eight crab-fishing vessels as they struggle against the treacherous weather conditions doing one of the deadliest -- and most lucrative -- jobs in the world.

This season, which is currently being filmed as boats head out to catch opilio crab, viewers experience life above and below the Alaskan waters. Submersible cameras capture unprecedented underwater images of crabs migrating on the bottom of the Bering Sea and entering the crab pots.

In addition, footage shot from a "chase boat" shows just how diminutive these crab boats actually are in the midst of the Bering Sea. For the first time, viewers see the fishing vessels being tossed around by the high winds and rough seas. The unique angle will also offer a new perspective of the fishermen working the rails, setting and hauling the massive 800-pound crab pots as their boats fight the crashing waves.

The second season of Deadliest Catch was the highest rated series on Discovery Channel in 2006.