Two-time Primetime Emmy winner and Bridesmaids star Maya Rudolph has broken her silence over playing the villain in upcoming Disney sequel Disenchanted. The actress and comedian revealed that, had she been asked earlier in her career, she may not have considered signing up to play a bad guy, but now she cannot wait to relish in the pantomime villainy.

"If this had been 15 years ago and someone asked if I wanted to be the bad guy, I might've been like, 'geez, I don't know,' but I've come to learn in my many years that the most fun thing to get to do is when you get to play The Most."
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Rudolph also revealed how director Adam Shankman approached her about taking on the part in the long-awaited Enchanted sequel, describing how gratifying it felt to know exactly why the director wanted her for the role.

"It's nice to be in a place work-wise where I feel like a lot of what I've done can speak for itself. So I don't have to explain who I am or what I do."

Maya Rudolph though will not be alone, with Community star Yvette Nicole Brown and Glee star Jayma Mays set to join her as a trio of bad guys. Further details on their roles remain a mystery at present, but Disney stories often have a main villain at the center with a wise-cracking minion to either side, and that could well be the case here.

Released back in 2007, the first Enchanted acts as both an homage and parody of the classic Disney movies and princesses of old. The story begins with Amy Adams' Princess Giselle being banished from her kingdom by her lover's evil stepmother. Transported into the real world, specifically New York City, Giselle must navigate her way through a reality that lacks singing animals and other such wonders in order to find a way to get home. Things become complicated however when Giselle meets a lawyer, Robert (Patrick Dempsey), and finds herself falling for him.

Plot details for Disenchanted are also currently being kept under lock and key, though it is believed that the story will factor in the amount of time that has passed since the first movie's release, with Robert's daughter Morgan reportedly being recast with an older actress.

Amy Adams, Patrick Dempsey, James Marsden, and Idina Menzel will all reprise their roles from the first outing, as well as Alan Menken and Stephen Schwartz returning to write the movie's songs, with Menken also returning to compose the score. Dempsey recently revealed that he will in fact sing and dance for the first time in the movie. "I've been talking to director [Adam Shankman]. The story is getting better and better. There's a great cast coming together," he said of the Disney sequel. "And the musical numbers, I get to sing and dance. To work with everybody again after 14 years is just really exciting. We need some escapism right now. We need those romantic comedies and those musicals to get people out of the doldrums that we're in."

Disenchanted does not yet have a release date but will premiere exclusively on Disney+. This comes to us from Variety.