As the weekend crescendoed, a rumor spread like wild fire that Disney was shuttering Marvel Comics. And this sent some fans into a tailspin. The original report claimed that sales were too low for Marvel to soldier on with its publishing branch. But the conspiracy has proven false.

Various different sites helped to fuel this unfounded rumor, claiming that a Marvel panel at SXSW was being planned to help bring interest back to the market that has been successfully inspiring recent blockbuster movies and TV shows. Marvel's Joe Quesada jumped into the fray to try and put out this fire. He commented on a piece that Bleeding Cool had published.

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Comics in general, not just Marvel, are experiencing a big sales slump. It appears that the rumor came about simply because Marvel Comics announced its SXSW panel, which will include Marvel Editor in Chief C.B. Cebulski and Chief Creative Officer Joe Quesada speaking for an hour on the state of their industry. Marvel: From Comics To Screens will also look at how comic books are the backbone and life blood of the Movies, TV shows and digital content they inspire. The interesting thing about this is that it has certainly shed a ton of light on this panel that may have only been an interest to fans before the rumor started to spread. Here's the official description for the panel.

"On Friday, March 8th, Marvel's Editor-in-Chief C.B. Cebulski and Chief Creative Officer Joe Quesada will lead an interactive discussion about the history and landscape of Marvel Comics. Titled Marvel: From Comics To Screens, the hour-long panel will look at how some of Marvel's most iconic characters and storylines have contributed to the games, movies, and television series that are so renowned among popular culture. Everything starts with an idea - and Marvel Comics is the spark that lights the fire!"

Joe Quesada and a few others have confirmed that Disney shutting down Marvel Comics is not true. It's fake news. Here are some other Marvel Tweets concerning the matter.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange