More D23 news has come in. Disney and Pixar has announced the main voice cast for their upcoming animated comedy Inside Out, which arrives in theaters June 2015 from Up and Monsters Inc. director Pete Docter.

The movie takes place inside the mind of a little girl named Riley, with her brain's five emotions serving as the main characters. While the casting of Riley wasn't announced, it was revealed that an ensemble of comedic talent will be taking on each of these five emotions. Lewis Black, known for his irate stand-up routine, will be voicing Anger, Bill Hader will play Fear, Mindy Kaling will voice Disgust, Amy Poehler will personify Joy, and Phyllis Smith rounds out the cast as Sadness.

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The story will follow Riley's emotional rollercoaster ride as she is forced to move away from her friends, becoming a resident of the strange new city San Francisco, where she struggles to be accepted by her peers and acclimate herself into an alien school system that isn't at all like the one she left behind.