March Madness is in the air, and not only for college basketball. A new bracket that puts Disney movies up against Pixar movies has turned into utter chaos online from fans arguing and discussing the problem with certain brackets. Over the years, March Madness has been spreading outside of the sports world, turning into memes and other lighthearted jokes, but the Disney and Pixar crowd are taking this bracket very seriously and it's slowly tearing the internet apart.

A Twitter user by the name of AP posted the Disney Vs. Pixar bracket last week, which has now been shared nearly 45,000 times as of this writing and has a conversation (or argument) of almost 100,000 comments. The blank bracket puts some Disney classics, with the oldest being The Little Mermaid, up against some of Pixar's most beloved tales. One of the main arguments is that the bracket does not contain any of Disney's pre-Little Mermaid classics, which seems to put Pixar at an unfair advantage, according to some fans. Other fans think that not using anything from the classic years of Disney levels the playing field.

The argument of Disney movies selected is just one of the many arguments. Once the blank bracket got out into the world, some fans could not handle what others had chosen, or how the bracket was set up in the first place. Many believe that there were too many hot competitions in the first round, or seeding, which is inaccurate as far as the college basketball route. But, this is a fictional bracket for cartoons, so it might be best to let that argument slide, at least for now. Putting The Incredibles up against Wall-E is a pretty bold first round, but it's to be expected when you're talking about some of the best animated movies to come out in the last 30 years.

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As with any public conversation about which movies are better than the others, it all comes down to personal preference. So, when one fan fills out their Disney Vs. Pixar bracket and has Tangled beating The Little Mermaid, people are going to freak out. How about Frozen up against Moana? Half of the arguments didn't even involve Disney against Pixar. Instead, they were arguments about the competitions within the seeds.

You can fill out your own Disney Vs. Pixar bracket and jump into the conversation yourself but consider yourself warned. There's a pretty heated battle going on right now that is probably even more contentious than the NCAA March Madness race to the Final 4. You can check out some of the more interesting brackets below, along with one from Pixar animator Austin Madison who chooses the overall winner in a surprising fashion after asking where the Disney classic movies are. You can obtain your blank Disney Vs. Pixar bracket from AP's Twitter account and then check out some of the current battle being fought.

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