Pixar has debuted seven new photos from the upcoming animated adventure Brave, which arrives in theaters June 22, 2012. Click on the photos below to access our growing gallery, then read on for more details about Brave from director Mark Andrews and actress Kelly Macdonald.

Brave Photo #1
Brave Photo #2
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Brave Photo #3
Brave Photo #5
Brave Photo #5
Brave Photo #6
Brave Photo #7

Brave centers on Merida (Kelly Macdonald), a Scottish princess who isn't your typical regal figure. Here's what director Mark Andrews had to say about the character below.

""She's your anti-princess. She isn't your typical princess. She doesn't wear nice clothes except in a couple of scenes when her strict mom, Queen Elinor, makes her do it for special functions. She's an active and action-oriented person. She wants to get out in the outdoors of the Highlands, escaping from castle life and exploring the woods."

Actress Kelly Macdonald reveals she was drawn to the role after a trip to Disneyland, when she realized her Merida character would be on display at the theme park after Brave's release.

"I just thought, 'My goodness! There's eventually going to be a Merida doing her thing up there.' The people that they cast to be the characters and wear the costumes at Disneyland have to do the accent, so somebody at Disneyland is going to be doing me. Some American girl will have to do my accent. It kind of blows my mind, really."